Top Ten Love Sign Couples

  1. Pisces woman / Sagittarius man : Who says Fire and Water clash? This couple sizzles.
  2. Aries woman / Aries man : Rocket launchers and firecrackers. You can't beat these two.
  3. Taurus woman / Aquarius man : You won't find a stranger couple - they're odd together but it seems to work.
  4. Cancer woman / Scorpio man : If she can overlook his political views and deal with the stress that comes from his work, they're a match made in heaven.
  5. Leo woman / Aries man : Thank goodness Aries is a real man, the Lioness thinks. She also loves the fact that people look up to him.
  6. Virgo woman / Scorpio man : Both like to analyze, and they get along wonderfully.
  7. Aquarius woman / Taurus man : Taurus is sensuous and daring; she's intrigued by his down-to-earth approach to life.
  8. Capricorn woman / Libra man : Libra brings out Capricorn's happy side, and Capricorn gives Libra the kind of emotional security he's looking for.
  9. Libra woman / Aquarius man : Who would've thought? Somehow, though, they truly balance each other out.
  10. Scorpio woman / Scorpio man : These two go together so well that it's a little scary.