It's very possible a Taurus has charmed his or her way into your life at one time or another. Interesting, playful, sensitive and romantic. Bulls make great friends, lovers, husbands, wives and parents. Everyone knows the Bull is also not likely to take 'no' for an answer, but what about his other, less known traits? For a deeper understanding of sexy, hard-headed Taurus, read on.

The Conqueror
Put a Bull in a room full of those of the opposite sex, and he's likely to work the entire place without breaking a sweat. He's a huge flirt, so you may not want to leave him alone in a room full with your best friend, either - though he's not committed to you, his moves will be all huff and no puff. In other words, a Taurus will take his relationship responsibilities seriously. He's out to conquer, so if he's already won you over, he'll do his best to keep you. Unlike his predecessors in the zodiac, Aries, he's not just out for the game of it. He wants a long-term partner - marriage and the works. And if he hasn't already made you his, he's not likely to stop until he's done so.

I Want It and I'll Get It!
In this respect, Taurus can sometimes seem like a spoiled child who wants what she wants when she wants it. She can get obsessive if there's someone who won't give her the time of day. And once you're hers, she's likely to think of you as a possession - a prize she's won. In other words, she'll be jealous and quite possessive if you were flirting, even for fun.

In fact, watch out! Both Taurus men and women scorned are like eyes of a storm - seemingly quiet while creating chaos around them on all sides. You won't want to make a Taurus angry. He'll lash out at you, perhaps even saying nasty things that he will absolutely not take back. Some signs forgive and forget, like Pisces or Cancer. Some signs forgive but don't forget (like Leo, Sagittarius or Scorpio). And some signs, like Taurus, will never forgive nor forget. If you've wronged him once, he won't give you another chance to do it again. He'll take his cards and lay them out on someone else's table.

The Secret Taurus Man
Taurus man does indeed take himself a bit too seriously. The weight of the world is on his shoulders and it's up to him to judge everyone. The whole financial security thing is not a joke - Taurus, no matter how much he's in love, will run away from a partner is he believes she has spending or debt problems. That said, one thing that will help you seduce the male Bull is to spend money on him (at the same time making clear, of course, that doing so does not cause you even the slightest hardship). Take him to an expensive restaurant and show him how good you are at budgeting. He'll appreciate it.

The Right Approach

Taurus man will withdraw physically faster than any other sign. If he's hurt, you'll know it right away. He's sensitive. Also remember that Taurus gets a bit obsessive and has a tendency to sink into a depressive state when he's angry or feels he's been betrayed.

Don't try to woo a Taurus back to bed to make it up to him. He'll be offended. Instead, deal with the issue right away, and don't go to sleep mad. If he has time to dwell on things, he'll be worse off the next day and the day after that. Once you've done you job, though, and Taurus forgives you (a difficult task!) you'll be surprised by how fast he'll warm right back up.

Making Love

In bed, these men love to bit and be bitten. They love all earthy, sensual qualities of lovemaking. Rub his neck to get him in the mood - it won't take long. Here's a tip : Though the Taurus man needs to dominate in bed, he feels strong and confident enough in his abilities to take direction from others. In fact, when a male Bull is told what to do in bed, it turns him on. Remember that he is service oriented. He'll want you to 'finish', like every other project he takes on in life. And Taurus man will do everything he can to get you there. He also always like to be appreciated for his efforts - he'll want equal attention to all parts of him. Just keep in mind that if you don't finish every time, Taurus will be offended and go away upset.

The Secret Taurus Woman
She's strong and sensual and very stubborn. If you push too hard or too fast, she'll balk. Vulgarity is a huge turnoff for her. Though she seems to be even more aggressive and modern in her approach to sex than her male counterpart, she's just as old-fashioned. In other words, she'll tempt you and tease you in bed, but she's secretly hoping you'll be man enough to stop and tell her you want to wait for the right moment. This will prove that you really care for her.

Stability Seeker

Though Taurus man sometimes spins in circles trying to make enough money to appease his insatiable hunger for security, Taurus woman intuitively knows how to earn it and keep it. She'll also look fr a very stable provider - wealth can be an aphrodisiac for her. True, she'll fall in love with a man who's not rich rich, but she'll never settle down with a man who can't take care of her and her future brood. She looks forwards to being a parent; she has an earthy, nurturing instinct that comes out. If she wants to, let her mother you a little.

Emotional / Physical Connection

Like the male Bull, the female Bull, unfortunately, gets attached to circumstances and misses out on emotions. In other words, her feelings are directly linked to the relationship in terms of what it can give her (security) instead of what she really needs (genuine love and getting to fully know the man behind it all).

She too can get a bit obsessed with unrequited love and can quickly fall into a depressive state. Sometimes bed may be the only way to reach her when she becomes emotionally distant and talking doesn't help.